A wise man once said:

"A small kindness can bring untold goodness"

At Fidelli we understand that making great food is only a part of our mission. We want to make the world better. Even in a small way. Our mission is to mix real food, modern restaurants and tangible support for our staffs’ goals to facilitate a virtuous cycle of success and kindness.

Everything we do is about bringing a positive change in peoples lives. We start that cycle by investing in our staff.

Because of that, our staff is extra motivated to provide outstanding food and service to our guests.

Fidelli combines healthy and delicious food, a boutique wine store and an industry first-of-its-kind community mentorship program for employees to help them get to their next job, regardless of industry. We have handpicked everything, including Charlotte, NC as our first location.

We are inspired by people and their stories. Food and drink plays an important daily role in all our lives and we’ll make sure we help you with your day. At Fidelli, we’ve blurred the line between fast and fancy. We can get you fed quickly when you’re in a big hurry for lunch or sit you down with a charcuterie board and a nice curated wine when you’re ready to relax, whatever you need. We look forward to seeing you soon!